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Big Law Business focuses on the business of law. Through digital and live channels, we feature original editorial content. We report on the significant developments shaping how the largest corporate law departments and their law firms do business, and share perspectives from contributors in the industry. Our national audience is comprised of leaders at in-house law departments, large law firms and legal technology, outsourcing, and consulting companies.


Big Law Business serves as a community for discussion, engaging with legal industry leaders, and informing on cutting edge legal market trends. The website also publishes relevant business of law stories from Bloomberg BNA, and Bloomberg Media; a comprehensive one-stop shop for all legal business news from Bloomberg properties.




Big Law Business was launched on March 5, 2015. Our editorial team, based in New York City, includes Josh Block, Casey Sullivan and Gabe Friedman. Friedman and Sullivan both write, edit, and oversee articles on the site. Block produces videos and podcasts and leads multimedia production. Cassie Whiteside and Patrick Lavan head up commercial strategy and Mike MacKay and Eric Wagner, of Bloomberg BNA Plus, are the executives who oversees Big Law Business. Cheryl Curtis and the Fusion team, based at Bloomberg BNA’s headquarters in Arlington, Virginia, are responsible for website design and development.

The Big Law Business editorial staff (L-R): Gabe Friedman, Casey Sullivan, and Josh Block.

The Big Law Business editorial staff (L-R): Gabe Friedman, Casey Sullivan, and Josh Block.

Bloomberg BNA’s staff correspondents also help provide Big Law Business with coverage, and the site publishes relevant business of law stories from Bloomberg News, Bloomberg Businessweek, Bloomberg View, and Bloomberg Radio; a comprehensive one-stop shop for all news and information about the legal business from Bloomberg properties. Big Law Business also features columns offering observations about what it means to work in the legal market today and commentary on the most noteworthy trends, events and ideas.




Big Law Business is most interested in the issues that matter to the lawyers and professionals who manage the largest law firms and corporate legal departments. This includes breaking news about large law firm mergers, significant partner moves and leadership changes, law firm bankruptcies, insights into how technology is changing the delivery of legal services, how in-house counsel are approaching their work, and the ways litigation and regulations change the legal business landscape. The site also publishes profiles of prominent in-house counsel and law firm leaders to provide insights into their viewpoints and how they are conducting business.




Our coverage primarily targets law firm leaders and C-Suite executives at large U.S. law firms and in-house legal departments, as well as consultants and other vendors in the legal industry. Our readership is centered in the United States, with pockets of readers scattered throughout the world: Asia, Europe, Canada, Africa, the Middle East and elsewhere. Our site can be accessed publicly from http://biglawbusiness.com or http://bol.bna.com and is featured as a news feed on the Bloomberg Terminal, reaching financial and corporate Bloomberg Professional Service customers. The site can also be found under the black “top hat” at Bloomberg.com under Industry Products.




  • Freelancers and Columnists: Big Law Business uses freelance writers and pays competitive rates. Big Law Business also accepts contributed articles from lawyers and consultants to the legal industry. You’ll recognize contributed articles by the blue line that appears next to the photo of an author, when you click on an author’s name. Writing for Big Law Business is a great way to have your voice heard among an elite audience of practitioners. If you are interested in learning more, please contact Gabe Friedman at gfriedman@bna.com and Casey Sullivan at csullivan@bna.com for a guide to our freelancing and contributor policies.

  • Video: Video is one significant and distinguishing component of our site. Our videos include interviews with managing partners and general counsel about legal market trends, commentary from Bloomberg journalists, and op-ed essays and interviews with thought leaders in the business of law space. Know of a good candidate or have a topic idea for a video? Write to Josh Block at jblock@bna.com.

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  • Comments: See something on the site that piques your interest or elicits an opinion? Post a comment in the Disqus section below each story. Comments are moderated by the Big Law Business editorial staff.

  • Sponsored Content: The site features resources including white papers, videos, articles and Twitter feeds from our sponsors. These can be found in the column on the left side of the page. Interested in sponsorship opportunities with Big Law Business? Contact Catherine Whiteside at cwhiteside@bna.com.





Big Law Business adheres to the ethical standards outlined in The Bloomberg Way:

“We avoid conflicts of interest — actual, potential or perceived — political financial or personal. We are not deceptive, duplicitous or dishonest in reporting and gathering news. We never break the law. We write accurately and fairly without bias or agenda of any kind other than to provide news our readers want. We correct errors promptly and completely. We are often in the difficult position of covering the customers of Bloomberg LP (and Bloomberg BNA). We do not allow commercial considerations to shade our news judgment because that would undermine our integrity and reputation.”




The inaugural Big Law Business Summit was held on July 15, 2015. Following that, Big Law Business has launched an event series that aims to provide insightful discussions around the most important issues facing the legal industry. To learn more, see the Upcoming Events tab on the left column of the Big Law Business homepage. We’ll also feature Bloomberg BNA events that are related to the business of law.




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