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Top Priorities in Advanced Threat Detection

Top Priorities in Advanced Threat Detection

The unfortunate reality is that no organization can reasonably expect to keep intruders out of their network. Infiltration, however, need not result in data theft and negative business impact, especially if organizations become adept at detecting and responding to attacks early. In this era of advanced information security threats, cyber-criminals are increasingly able to bypass

The New Paradigm: Predicting and Controlling the Total Cost of eDiscovery

Effectively managing eDiscovery spend is now a baseline requirement for both in-house and outside counsel who are acting in the best interest of the organization that they represent. As litigation costs continue to soar, it is imperative that eDiscovery professionals utilize the Total Project Cost Methodology to analyze, control, and predict eDiscovery spend. By leveraging

Reducing the Challenges of Cross-Border eDiscovery

Cross-border eDiscovery is a daunting task for many international businesses, given the increased legal, regulatory, and reputational risks. The proliferation of electronic data and complexity in international privacy laws only add to the burden and cost of litigation. Preparing effectively for cross-border eDiscovery requires a proactive approach.   CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE WHITEPAPER