Catalyst Secure, the e-Discovery software as a service and data hosting company, has announced new hires in Korea and China, continuing its push into Asia.

The company made its first hire in China, naming Dan Whitaker as a managing director in Shanghai, who will head up the company’s sales and operations in that country. It also added Junghun Lee as a business development manager in South Korea, where it already has an office in Seoul.

In June, the Colorado-based company announced it was bringing a second data center online in Tokyo , Japan, where it has roughly a dozen employees. CEO John Tredennick said that as far back as 2008, his company invested in building a document review tool that was capable of reading other language’s characters and punctuation, which allowed the company to expand into Asia. It opened its first data center in Japan in 2011.

Looking ahead to the next five years, he said China is the next logical place for expansion. As more Chinese companies conduct business in the U.S., they are more likely to be ensared in litigation and regulatory disputes that will entail document production and discovery, he said.

“Shanghai makes New York City look small and never in my life did I think I would have occasion to say that,” said Tredennick. “We need to be there and it’s time to start making those moves.”

Asia, in particular, is rapidly growing as a market, he said noting that there were nearly 700 people in the audience at a legal technology conference he attended in Tokyo this October.

Catalyst has three data centers in the U.S., but he said many of the company’s Chinese clients are concerned about government surveillance and mistrustful of keeping their data here. “Between Snowden and the Patriot Act, we’ve kind of tarnished our reputation,” said Tredennick.