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Law Firms Announced Record-Breaking 106 Mergers Last Year

Law firm combinations were up for the second straight year in 2018 and are likely to remain popular as firms continue to view mergers as a solution to problems posed by a rapidly evolving legal …

Bristol-Myers to Buy Celgene in $74 Billion Cancer-Drug Bet (3)

Bristol-Myers Squibb agreed to acquire Celgene Corp. in a record-sized $74 billion deal that will unite two drugmakers battling for advantage in a crowded market for innovative cancer treatments.

BNY Mellon, JP Morgan to Pay Bondholder Class $13.5M

The Bank of New York Mellon Trust Co. and JP Morgan Trust Co. will pay $13.5 million to settle a class action with bondholders who alleged they are entitled to receive a distribution under a …

Uber Aims to Shed Troubled Past in Pre-IPO Peace-Making Bonanza

Uber Technologies Inc.’s quiet resolution of allegations that it put thousands of women at risk of sexual assault by their drivers is just the latest move by the ride-hailing giant to lessen its …