Chairs of Morgan Lewis and DLA Piper Interview Each Other (Video)

Roger Meltzer an Jami McKeon at Bloomberg TVWhen we launched Big Law Business last year, one of our goals was to create a forum for law firm executives and other members of the big law community to read, discuss, and weigh in on the most important issues facing the industry. We hoped to create an online destination that drew and supported engagement; legal executives talking, not just to reporters and producers, but to each other, about trends and how to better manage day-to-day business, finance and technology issues. All on a website where you could also find the latest legal news and information from Bloomberg Media, Bloomberg BNA correspondents, and our own editorial staff.

Jami McKeon on Bloomberg TV setIn an effort to fulfill that goal, and inspired by both Variety’s Actors on Actors video series (where, you guessed it, famous actors interview each other), and the Directors Guild of America’s podcast The Director’s Cut, where film directors are interviewed by their peers (recommended: Martin Scorsese interviewing Steven Spielberg), Big Law Business invited two law firm chairs to come to Bloomberg’s TV studios and have a conversation exchanging ideas about the business of law. Jami McKeon and Roger Meltzer took us up on our invitation. McKeon is chair of Morgan Lewis, a global law firm with more than 28 offices worldwide. Last year Morgan Lewis had the 8th highest gross revenue among American law firms with $1.8 billion. Meltzer is chair of DLA Piper, a global law firm, structured as a Swiss Verein, and located in more than 30 countries. Last year DLA Piper had the 2nd highest gross revenue among American law firms with $2.5 billion. Roger Meltzer on Bloomberg TV set.(Both numbers are according to the American Lawyer’s annual Am Law 100 ranking.) Big Law Business provided an editorial road map for the conversation, the rest is two law firm leaders talking about what they do and how they do it. We present their conversation below in three parts.  

Part 1: Brexit, Associate Salary Raises, Women in Law, and Diversity & Inclusion

Part 2: Law Firm Management after Dewey & LeBoeuf, Cybersecurity and Data Privacy, and Artificial Intelligence and Legal Technology 

Part 3: Legal Technology (continued), Training Associates, the “Graying” of the Legal Profession, Client Relationships, Collaboration, the demands of Big Law life, and do the children of law firm chairs become lawyers?     

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