Billable Hour’s Death Greatly Exaggerated

The billable hour is “still alive and well,” said Kent Zimmermann of law firm consultancy Zeughauser Group. “The most recent data that we’ve seen indicates that [only] 19% of all fees paid to” big law are alternative fee arrangements.” The final installment of our video series with Zimmermann is all about the billable hour; the pressure that law firms are getting from GCs to move away from it, and the slow but steady move toward alternative fee arrangements.

Part 1: ‘Eye-Popping’ Lateral Deals Scare Big Law Chairs, Says Law Firm Consultant
Part 2: ‘Some Firms Don’t Have the Guts to Close Offices,’ Says Zimmermann
Part 3: Worry Over Big Law Cybersecurity
Part 4: Why High Performing Law Firms Are Losing Talent

Photographer: Rick Maiman. Bloomberg News

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