Dorsey & Whitney Partner on Cybersecurity and Data Breaches (Video)

By Jimmy H. Koo, Bloomberg BNA

Having “perfect” cybersecurity is almost an impossible task, but having a culture of awareness of the risks is half the battle for companies doing business in the modern world, Bob Cattanach of Dorsey & Whitney LLP told Bloomberg BNA in a video interview.  

Companies often struggle with attuning their culture to be sensitive to the “ever-present risk of data breaches” and training employees accordingly, Cattanach said. 

The best thing companies can do is have an incident response plan and practice it through tabletop exercises, he said.

According to Cattanach, four out of the five companies that have had data breaches don’t have incident response and mitigation plans. “That makes life really difficult,” he said. 

As an attorney with a science background, Cattanach said that attorneys without similar backgrounds can work to bridge the knowledge gap by “being well-read” in as many different disciplines as possible.

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