Hogan Lovells Hires Top FDA Lawyer

David Horowitz, who spent the past 25 years working in the Department of Health and Human Services, most recently as deputy general counsel, has joined Hogan Lovells as a partner in its Washington, D.C. office.

At Hogan Lovells, Horowitz will join the government regulatory practice group, and focus on helping pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies with policy advocacy and compliance issues, he said.

“Obviously the landscape is shifting in many key ways at the FDA,” Horowitz said. “The government is focusing on deregulating.”

As the deputy general counsel of HHS starting in 2010 until January 2017, he oversaw the legal services for the Federal Drug Administration, the Centers for Disease Control and the National Institutes of Health. Prior to taking this position, Horowitz worked on policy, compliance and enforcement for the FDA.

Horowitz said the FDA’s recent announcements regarding precision medicine — developing custom tailored healthcare, such as pharmaceutical prescriptions, based on the patient’s genetic makeup — is an area of keen interest for him.

In May, the FDA granted accelerated approval to “Keytruda,” a drug which early trials suggested is highly effective at shrinking tumors on patients who test positive for a certain mutated gene.

And in June, Bloomberg reported that the FDA is planning simplify its policies to facilitate the approval of critically needed drugs, including therapies that target cancer-linked DNA.

Horowoitz said there’s a lot of research being conducted by pharmaceutical and life science companies in this area and he sees it as an area in which the FDA will be need to fine tune its regulatory framework for many years to come.

“I think that’s a long term project,” he said.