Live Conversation with Hilton GC, Kristin Campbell

When Kristin Campbell was graduating from Cornell Law School, the idea of going to work in-house wasn’t simply out of style, it was barely on the radar. Fast forward to today where Campbell has spent the last two and a half decades working in-house for Fortune 500 companies, first in 1993 when she left Goodwin Proctor to join Staples where she would eventually become General Counsel, and since 2011 as general counsel for Hilton. During that time, the role of the general counsel inside of the Fortune 500 has shifted dramatically, and so has the structure of the corporate law department.

On Tuesday March 13th, I will kick off the first of the “In-house Innovators Series” with Campbell, who was introduced to me by Axiom (of whom Hilton is a client). This series will explore the shifting role of corporate legal departments and highlight innovative in-house attorneys. Sign up below and follow the conversation as it unfolds.