Judge Scheindlin on ‘Gender Disparity’ and Imbalance in Big Law (Podcast)


Judge Shira Scheindlin on the Big Law Business PodcastWomen represent private parties in civil litigation just 18.5% of the time in New York according to a New York State Bar Association report released earlier this month. Judge Shira Scheindlin backed up those findings during a recent podcast recording: “what I witnessed in the courtroom was a great gender disparity in privately retained counsel.”

Judge Scheindlin, a former Federal District Court Judge, was one of the members of the task force that prepared the report. Last week she also published, “Female Lawyers Can Talk, Too” an op-ed about the report that ran in The New York Times and clearly struck a nerve; it received 274 comments before the Times closed commenting.

Earlier this week, Big Law Business travelled to Stroock & Stroock & Lavan, the law firm where Scheindlin is Of Counsel, to record this podcast interview with her about the report, her own career experiences, and her thoughts about the continued disparity and gender imbalance in big law.

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