Results from a joint Legal Marketing Association and Bloomberg Law research study

In the 2018 joint survey from the Legal Marketing Association (LMA) and Bloomberg Law, we look at law firm investments in marketing, shifts in legal marketer roles and responsibilities, relationships between marketers and attorneys, and the increasing role of technology in marketing and business development.

With responses from 190 marketers and 135 attorneys, the results highlight where their perspectives align and where they differ. Overall, it’s clear that the pace of investment in marketing/business development and the growing prominence of these functions at firms of all sizes does not seem to be slowing down. And, this knowledgeable group of professionals continue to gain traction, voice and influence. With broader responsibilities, and more time in the C-suite, legal marketing professionals are increasingly gaining a seat at the table when it comes to making business decisions on a firm-wide level. Indeed, we’ve seen the lead marketer’s seat at these tables increase in just twelve months’ time.

Both attorneys and legal marketers agree: more than two-thirds of respondents say that in 2018 the top marketers in their firms are participating in strategic planning committees, lawyer professional development and other firm leadership meetings. Since 2017, reported participation of top marketers in diversity and inclusion committees, pricing committees and hiring committees also seems to have increased. With this growing involvement in decision-making bodies, it is safe to say that legal marketers continue to be recognized for the value they bring and the positive impact they have on the business of law at their firms.

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While, as noted, two-thirds of firms’ senior-most marketers now participate in the firm’s strategic planning committee, legal marketers are more likely than attorneys to think marketers drive the strategic planning process for their firms or practice areas.

That said, at least half of both groups agree that legal marketers at their firm contribute to the strategic planning process, both firm-wide as well as within specific practice or industry groups.

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Download the full LMA-Bloomberg Law survey results report,Where Are We Now? Revealing the Latest Trends in Legal Marketing and Business Development.

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