Not All Law Firms ‘Are Going to Make it’ Says Morgan Stanley’s Top Lawyer (Podcast)

There’s a lot of law firms in this country, and it’s not clear to me that all of them are going to make it through this post-crisis cycle and the consolidation that I’m convinced is still going to come.

— Eric Grossman, Chief Legal Officer of Morgan Stanley



Business of Law Panel at Summit
Stuart Ingis of Venable, Matthew Cooper of Capital One Financial, Jamie Wine of Latham & Watkins, Eric Grossman of Morgan Stanley, and Megan Murphy of Bloomberg Businessweek.

Leaders from Venable, Latham & Watkins, Morgan Stanley, and Capital One talk about the state of the legal industry in this episode of the Big Law Business podcast which was recorded live at last week’s BLB Summit, and moderated by Bloomberg Businessweek’s Megan Murphy. Topics include talent management, how corporations choose law firms, automation in the legal industry, pressure on the law firm economic model, whether law firms are doing enough to achieve diversity, the millennial generation, and how the business of law is changing during the Trump administration.


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