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Cloud-Based Law Firm Founder on Recruiting and Growth

Cloud-Based Law Firm Founder on Recruiting and Growth

The mark of success for FisherBroyles, a cloud-based law firm with more than 200 lawyers in 22 offices around the United States, was actually a loss. In 2013, 16 attorneys representing 25 percent of FisherBroyles at that time, departed to start their own competing cloud-based firm. But the takeaway for firm co-founder James Fisher was

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Why Electronic Data is Different than a Filing Cabinet (Perspective)

Editor’s Note: The author of this post formerly worked in-house at the NSA. By April Doss, Partner, Saul Ewing Microsoft recently challenged the court-ordered secrecy of warrants under the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA) by relying on physical search analogies like the knock-notice rule for home entry under the Fourth Amendment. Others commentators would treat

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The Evolving Post-Discovery Litigation Business (Perspective)

Editor’s Note: The author is a litigation services and technology entrepreneur.  By Graham Smith-Bernal, Founder, Opus 2 With the emergence of scalable cloud technology designed specifically for the post-discovery litigation process, we’re beginning to see dramatic developments in the modernization of courtrooms, law firms and legal departments around the world. Courtrooms in the UK and

Delta Air Lines Inc. signage is displayed as a traveler uses self check-in kiosk in Delta Air Lines Inc. Terminal 5 at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) in Los Angeles, California, U.S., on Monday, Aug. 17, 2015. Photographer: Patrick T. Fallon/Bloomberg

The Cloud and Filing Cabinets Should Have the Same Privacy Rights (Perspective)

Editor’s Note: This column is written by the top lawyer of Delta Air Lines. By Peter Carter, SVP & Chief Legal Officer, Delta Air Lines The U.S. government has been seizing vast swaths of private customer data stored in “the cloud” at an alarming rate. Even more disturbing is the fact that in many cases,

Does kCura’s Cloud Software Signal a Shift in Strategy?

Earlier this month, Chicago-based kCura announced it plans to release a new version of its flagship e-Discovery software, called RelativityOne. Under the new system, the company’s partners — who provide e-Discovery services, such as data hosting, and review by licensing kCura’s software — will be able to store data in the Microsoft Azure cloud, as opposed

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‘I Look at Us as a Pit Crew on a Race Team,’ Says Dykema CIO

As chief information officer at Dykema Gossett, David Hambourger is responsible for recommending technological solutions to all business challenges. He started his career by founding a legal clinic, and only later obtained an MBA and transitioned from lawyer to his current CIO role. Today, the firm is transitioning to a cloud-based document management system that


3 Questions To Ask When Considering the Cloud

Editor’s Note: The author is the founder of a company that provides Cloud-based IT solutions for law firms.    By Joe Kelly, founder and CEO, Legal Workspace While the cloud may offer scalable and mobile technology opportunities, many of the non-legal-specific sites attorneys may automatically turn to (think iCloud, Google Drive or Dropbox) may lack key


Aderant VP Talks Legal Software Solutions

Photo by Docklandsboy (Flickr/ Creative Commons) Editor’s Note: Mike Barry, executive vice president of strategy and product at legal software company Aderant, answered questions about how he sees big law firms adopting to new forms of technology and utilizing software management solutions. Barry, who has worked with Microsoft technology and written extensively about business management software, wrote to Big


Integreon Exec: Big Data Still ‘Futuristic’ for Law Firms

 Photo by Kevin Dooley (Flickr/ Creative Commons) Brent Larlee, global head of legal services at outsourcing company Integreon, wrote to Big Law Business about the biggest challenges he sees facing C-Suite executives at the largest law firms in the United States. Responding to a series of questions, Larlee emailed us his opinions about a wide range of


Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Cloud?

Photo by Klearchos Kapoutis (Flickr/ Creative Commons) No one doubts the benefits of cloud computing, but considering the unique ethical obligations of law practice, and the frightening cyber-security headlines, a firm might wonder whether a client’s information should be anywhere but locked up in a warehouse. The state bar ethics committees that have taken up the issue of cloud computing have