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The Problem With URLs In Legal Marketing

The Problem With URLs In Legal Marketing

Photo by Chris Dlugosz (Flickr/ Creative Commons) By Lee Feldman, Independent Communications Professional Lawyers love footnotes.  Big Law content marketers hate them.  They make potentially useful client content feel academic and dated, and too much like the robotic law school writing that many lawyers seem to feel impresses today’s clients as much as the professors


Keeping Tabs On Social Media and Web Pages in e-Discovery

Photo by Jason Howie (Flickr/ Creative Commons) During his trial for second-degree murder, George Zimmerman’s gym trainer described him as a “very nice man, but physically soft.” After Zimmerman was acquitted, the legal tech company X1 Discovery argued prosecutors missed key evidence that could have rebutted the defense portrait of Zimmerman as a weakling who is unlikely to pick a fight. On