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NY Judge Dismisses Bar Prep Lawsuit Against Top Law Schools

NY Judge Dismisses Bar Prep Lawsuit Against Top Law Schools

By Eleanor Tyler, Bloomberg BNA A New York federal judge tossed claims that some of the nation’s prestigious law schools conspired with Barbri Inc. to keep out a potential competitor offering bar preparation courses for foreign law students. LLM Bar Exam LLC (LBE) alleged that Harvard, Columbia, Georgetown, Duke, Berkeley, Emory, Fordham, and other law schools

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Law Deans Argue Over How to Count Jobs They Fund

By Elizabeth Olson, Big Law Business  When times got rough a few years ago and student numbers started to slip, deep-pocketed law schools took solace in being able to give some refuge to unemployed graduates. They used their own funds to pay the salaries of students — often times creating temporary positions in law libraries or

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Columbia Law Dean on How to Train ‘Lawyers of the Future’

As we previously noted on Big Law Business, the on-campus interview process at the nation’s law schools is underway and the presence of large law firms hasn’t shown signs of abating — at least at the top schools. In our effort to provide some insight into this year’s legal employment market, we spoke with Columbia Law

Law Graduates (left to right) Shan Cole, Elizabeth Gilworth Laura Tracey, and Sophie Gallant, celebrate after collecting their degree's from Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire.   (Photo by Chris Radburn/PA Images via Getty Images)

Today’s Law Degree Takes on a Broader Meaning

It can be awkward for law school deans to talk about: As the number of law graduates continues to decline nationwide, more are getting jobs that don’t require a law degree. That’s not such a good look for law schools, where many students attend with high hopes of earning a place at a prestigious law firm, or,

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Are Law Schools with Low Bar Pass Rates at Risk of Closing?  

The University of La Verne College of Law enrolls over 100 students each year, and if past history is any indication, only slightly more than half, 54 percent, will likely pass the bar on their first try after graduation. Should that affect whether it stays open? The disconnect between a school’s low bar passage rate, relative to other schools in the


Whittier Law School Closing: The First of Many?

The Whittier College Board of Trustees announced Wednesday that it is closing its law school, making it one of, if not the first ABA accredited law school to shut its doors. But it likely won’t be the last, legal experts predict. “Once somebody does it, it becomes much more acceptable, psychologically and politically,” said Paul Campos, a professor


Suffolk Law Dean Discusses GRE and the New Legal Realities

In many ways, Suffolk University Law School is emblematic of recent changes in the legal profession. Like most other law schools, it saw a steep decline in applications after the Great Recession burst the Big Law, billable hour bubble. And its employment outcomes reflect the difficulties students have faced finding a footing on the traditional

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UNH Law’s New Dean: Legal Education Needs to Change

Megan Carpenter thinks legal education has been isolated from other academic disciplines for far too long and that law schools need to come back into the fold. As the newly appointed dean of the University of New Hampshire School of Law, Carpenter is one of a handful of people around the country in a position to make this happen. “We’ve

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Are Top College Grads Starting to Think About Law School Again?

Has the law school so-called “brain drain” stopped? It’s been well-documented that the graduates of elite universities are applying to law school in smaller numbers. But a recent look at 11 elite colleges by Keith Lee of the legal blog Associate’s Mind suggests that law schools’ worst days could be coming to an end. In an