These Charts Explain How Millenials Dominate the Legal Tech Industry

Photo by Matthew Hurst (Flickr/ Creative Commons)

It’s accepted as a truism today that the legal profession faces challenging times: Law school graduates carry heavy debt and battle dim job prospects. But within the legal technology industry, it’s a totally different story. In fact, millenials are riding high.

The case management software company Smokeball polled 12 vendors about their hiring profile. More than 100 employees from large companies such as e-Discovery software provider kCura and cloud-based NetDocuments, Lexicata eDepoze, AltLegal, AttorneySync and other companies participated.

Respondents took the poll over the course of three months, and although it’s likely not the most scientific poll ever, it provides a different view on who’s succeeding in the legal industry.

The conclusion: millenials “dominate” the legal tech industry.

The chart below shows the distribution of managers among survey participants.

And while lawyers are often criticized for not understanding technology and lacking quantitative skills, very few of the legal tech professionals covered in the survey had a law degree. Nine percent of respondents said that they had a legal education.

The last graph shows the percent of survey respondents with hiring needs in the following six areas for 2016.