Top Priorities in Advanced Threat Detection

Photographer: Krisztian Bocsi/Bloomberg

The unfortunate reality is that no organization can reasonably expect to keep intruders out of their network. Infiltration, however, need not result in data theft and negative business impact, especially if organizations become adept at detecting and responding to attacks early.

In this era of advanced information security threats, cyber-criminals are increasingly able to bypass even the most sophisticated network defenses. The odds are clearly stacked against the defenders. While an adversary need only to find one way in to exploit the inherent weakness in the system, the organization must work around the clock to address all vulnerabilities at once, respond quickly to anomalies, limit and assess damage, and remove all traces of the threat.

In this white paper, we discuss top actionable items to improve a midmarket organization’s advanced threat detection methods and ensure that your team is well equipped to deal with specific cyber incidents. These recommendations are intended as a strategic framework to help your team to examine your current information security strategy and increase its effectiveness and defensibility.


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Top Priorities in Advanced Threat Detection