U.S. Legal Industry Adds 1,200 Jobs in March

Photo by Unsplash (Pixabay)

The U.S. legal sector gained 1,200 jobs in March as the national payroll employment rose by 215,000 overall, the bureau of labor said on Friday.

The number of people employed in the legal industry stood at 1,124,800 people, and the bureau revised previous preliminary jobs estimates upwards to illustrate continuous growth so far in 2016.

The bureau had reported a preliminary estimate of 1,500 jobs being shed in the month of February, but on Friday, it said that the industry actually gained 100 jobs that month. So in the three months of the new year, the number of people employed in the legal sector leaped by 1,300 — from 1,123,500 to 1,124,800 people.

The workforce numbers are an improvement from last March, when the legal sector employed 8,200 fewer jobs than it did this March, according to the preliminary estimates.

The monthly figures are preliminary and are often adjusted in future reports. They account for lawyers and legal professionals who are on the payroll, including paralegals and secretaries.